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Sunday, January 23, 2011

{unexpected fun}

Coming into this weekend, Tim and I had no expectation of it being a great one. We were expecting another quiet weekend consumed by our bathroom project. Fortunately, we got much more.

Last spring, Tim went with Carlos and Ryan to a beer festival outside Chicago. The day of the festival is the only time that you can buy Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial stout. The stout is rated one of the best beers in the world. Of course, the boys had to get their hands on some. Tim bought his with the intention of selling it on ebay later in the year (just the empty bottle sells for 20 bucks). Earlier this week, though, Tim decided he was going to have to drink the stout because he didn't want to waste money on beer when he, indeed, had some beer in the cabinet. On Friday, a few friends came for the taste test. The beer had to be good, right? I mean, they only sell it one day a year. We turned up the heavy metal music and all had a taste! We all agreed it had the consistency of motor oil and Meagan thought it smelled like Beggin' Strips, but the boys said it was smooth as molasses. The best part? The beer is 18% alcohol and after one glass, the boys were as giddy as could be. Dark Lord, thanks for a great Friday night!

if you want your own Dark Lord, visit

The next morning, we made French Toast and headed out for an adventure (in our pajamas, I might add). I took Tim to ReStore - the place I found my sink - and he enjoyed it as much as I had. We didn't feel like going home, so we went to the Kemper Museum. They had some pretty interesting exhibits on display. One in particular was right up my alley. The artist made sculptures of deer and covered them in rhinestones. I wonder what my buffalo head would look like covered in rhinestones...

Then, we went to Planters, had lunch at Costco, and headed to the library. (I know...we are rebels!) Tim checked out some plant books and I looked for some interior design books. Apparently there is not a limit of how many books you can check out because we ended up coming home with fourteen! We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to music and reading our books.

Our Saturday ended with dinner and music at Jardine's. My grandma's brother was in town and the family took him and his wife out. We always have a blast when we get together. The music was great and it was so nice to see everyone. (did you notice mom got a hot new haircut...lookin' good!)