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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{window shelf}

My list of things to do around the house is quickly dwindling. Thank goodness! A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen - we tore it down to the studs and started from scratch. For the design and decor we tend to be on the minimalist side. Neither of us like things sitting out on the counters, cluttering up the little space we have, so we don't really "decorate" in the kitchen. Well, that was getting old and our minimalist style needed refreshed. It started with the vintage sign I made. That was actually the first thing we hung on the walls in there since remodeling. We couldn't imagine putting holes into the new walls until we found the right decor. Waiting pays off - it's perfect for the space.

In trying to keep things off of the counters, I decided to add a window shelf. My goal was country/clean with an airy feel. As much as I appreciate and enjoy modern design, I tend to lean toward elements that look like they've been around forever. I started my shelf with a new piece of pine and some brackets from Home Depot. I wasn't feeling the style of the brackets, but by painting them white on the outside, their shape was emphasized. Visually, they ended up falling into the wall, which I really liked. I also painted the edge of the wood for the same reason. I "roughed up" the wood with various materials and it took on a rustic look. Overall, I am really happy with the finished product. It doesn't stand out too much or interfere with any light coming into the kitchen.