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Sunday, April 17, 2011


e}Last spring Tim started a greenhouse in the basement. He planted and grew everything from tomatoes to petunias to angelina serina. This winter he began planting again. He started with cabbage, which is now planted in the planters outside. He has now moved on to the flowers that will soon bloom all over the yard. Early March he seeded petunias, vinca, coliosis, potato vines, angelina serina and all of our herbs. Six weeks later, everything is up and ready to be planted.

It's amazing what you like after you just try it. I'm sure Tim never thought that he would enjoy gardening as much as he does, but he can't get enough of it. I think it's the process of creating. Whether it's starting them from seed and watching them grow or creating the landscape of the backyard, it's just a fun challenge. The best part is being able to sit back and relax once it's all done. Our backyard is all us - we started it from scratch, we are continuing to modify it, and we are constantly enjoying it.