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Monday, April 11, 2011

{swope park trails}

How on earth we've never made it to the hiking trails in Swope Park is beyond my imagination. We are always looking for new adventures, exploring places, and craving the outdoors and we found all of the above this weekend in Swope Park. I know I am going to sound like a Parks and Rec spokesperson, but honestly, it was like leaving town, but not really going anywhere at all! We felt like we were on a weekend getaway. Some might say, "We took a trip, but never left the farm." Saturday afternoon we decided to go to the Nature Center, which has a 2 mile trail behind it. Unfortunately, the camera didn't capture the beautiful landscape very well. We ended up in a hollow with streams winding throughout and trees blooming. It was gorgeous and CLEAN! It was like we were in woods back in Osage County. The next morning after church, we headed straight back to Swope park for another hike. This one was right off of Blue River Rd. We just pulled the car to the side of the road, and off we went. I think it took us about two hours to complete the hike. Again, this one was beautiful, too! We went winding around the trail, finding huge boulders, streams, really interesting trees...the whole nine yards. We even found a great spot for lunch.

The whole time we were hiking, Tim kept saying "Man, I love this stuff! We are coming here every weekend..." and what-do-ya-know, he's headed there again tonight for a trail run. Looks like he's found a little bit of country in the middle of the city.