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Friday, April 22, 2011

{trolley run 2011}

Tim and I ran the Trolley Run last weekend. We had the whole thing planned with our favorite people - Sara, Carlos, Mom, Katie and Zach. We were going to run together, cheer each other on, and then go get breakfast together. Great plan, right?! Well, when the time came, somehow we all lost each other. Tim ended up running on his own (which I think he enjoyed). I couldn't find the crew, so I ended up running on my own. Mom couldn't get a hold of anyone, so she ended up running on her own. Sara and Carlos were subjected to terrible organization by the shuttle bus and didn't get to the starting line when they were supposed to run, so they ended up running with the strollers! Finally, Katie and Zach came on two hours of sleep and ended up in the heat of walkers. Needless to day, we didn't even see each other until breakfast, and even then it was only half of our crew. All in all, the run was great - Tim totally rocked it with a time of 24:57. I was about 20 seconds from reaching my goal with a time of 36:17. I think, though, from now on we're just going to plan our own runs. There is no stress that comes with that! Hmm....I'm thinking a run from our house up to Broadway Cafe. Who's in?

For the sake of our friends and the fact that no one looks good running, I'm only putting pictures of Tim and I up. Guys - If you want me to put your pictures up, let me know!!