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Monday, October 24, 2011

{true luxuries}

Tim goes on an annual pheasant (not to be confused with peasant) hunting trip with my brother and uncle in South Dakota. He always has a blast, but not because of the hunting, more because of the late night poker games and beer drinking. He is the first to admit that he has no idea how to acctually hit the moving bird. Either way, he always comes home with a nice amount pheasant tails for me to decorate with. Fortunately, everyone else is pretty good.

Thanks to Groupon, we are trying new restraunts and getting out a little more often. So, on Friday, we went to the fancy-schmancy restraunt Skies that overlooks the downtown skyline. Can you say, romance? ROMANCE! We got all dolled up and hit the town. It was a true date - candlelight and everything! So, with the great the food and the beautiful view...would you like to guess what the best part of the date was? It was when we got home, put our pj's on and cuddled up on the couch for a movie. Sometimes the most simple things are the true luxuries. It was the prefect way to end our week and say good-bye for a few days while Tim is gone proving his manhood with the boys.
The UFO looking thing above Tim's head is where we had dinner.
I know it's not as spectacular as NYC or Chicago, but I sure do love some good ole' Kansas City.
The floor is at a slow spin. It takes one and a half hours to go all the way around the restaurant.