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Sunday, February 13, 2011

{birthday weekend}

Tim always does a great job making me feel like the only person in the world on my birthday. He surprised me, yet again, when he let me pick from a few different day trips. I had lots to chose from, but we decided to stay in "The Big City" and go to all of my favorite places. We hit up an Irish pub for apps, went to Latte Land for tea and coffee, roamed through Kemper for a while and then came home and had Waldo pizza and watched a movie. He sure knows the way to my heart. PS. You saw that right, I'm officially old - I asked for towels for my birthday.

Tim wasn't the only one to celebrate with me. I got to see all of my favorite people Friday night, along with Saturday morning. Sara and Meagan - thanks for the fabulous morning. I have the BEST friends! Katie - you totally topped ALL other birthday gifts this year with the globe. Zach - you're the only one who gets a picture because you worked the hardest. Mom- Only you would buy me a life-size horse head knowing that I would LOVE it. Thanks! ALL OF YOU!