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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


What makes us feel so attached to our home? Can our home change or will certain places always feel like home? Can home be more than just a building? My home is this house, the house Tim and I live in. But I feel so attached to other homes - the home I grew up in and even the home Tim grew up in. 

Many times I have walked through my front door and felt overcome with comfort. It is a place where Tim and I can be the most real and relaxed. It is a place I feel connected to. I look around and see our life - the ever changing decor, the gardens out every window, the photos of our family, and the keepsakes from vacations. I feel fortunate to have a place that feels so good.

That feeling of being home comes when I walk into my parents house on Sunday afternoons. The smell of food, the chatter of family, and grandpa in the rocking chair. It's a different feeling than walking into my own home, but it's definitely home. It's almost like I don't have to worry about anything there. I forget about all of life's stress and just enjoy myself.

Since Tim and I started dating, I have loved our trips back to Linn. Linn now feels like my home, too. As soon as we walk through the door I am welcomed with a feeling of comfort. I never thought a place that wasn't mine to begin with would feel so much like home. I haven't quite figured out what it is, but I love being there.

I feel lucky to have one place to call home, but it seems like I have three.