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Thursday, February 24, 2011

{our bathroom project}

Tim and I are dreamers. We are constantly coming up with ideas, projects, prospective businesses and so on. Fortunately, only about 5% of those dreams actually emerge into reality and when they do, we have a great time making it "happen".  The kicker is, 99% of the time, the 5% that happen are things that together we think would be good ideas (are you getting a visual with all of the percentages?). Anyways, I admit...our bathroom project was totally my idea - and that little fact haunted me for the entire project (When you live in a one bathroom house, you kind of need the bathroom. There is no getting around it). I had always hated our previous bathroom. The blue walls, the cheap vanity, the disgusting linoleum tile - hated it all. For some reason, none of those things ever bothered Tim the way it did me. I would walk in there and cringe. After 3 1/2 years, I needed to change it. Michael (the most wonderful brother in the world) agreed to help and after six months of concrete board, grout, and tile sitting in my basement, we decided to tackle the project at the end of January. What else were we gonna do? Stare at the snow? Oh, I should mention, Tim and I have completely unrealistic expectations on how long construction projects should take. Actually not just construction projects, EVERYTHING. We are like Marshall and Lilly when they found out they were pregnant....( We thought it would take a week. Four weeks later...I feel like I am at a bed and breakfast every time I step foot in the bathroom. It's the smallest room in the house, but it sure does pack some "cute without trying too hard" personality.


During :

Michael and Tim pulled up two layers of linoleum and took it down to the bare bones.

I laid the tile and painted the room. I wanted a white on white look - very subtle.

Dad came over and put some pipes into the wall. He also built a bracket to hang the sink.


I'm sorry, I just adore this sink.

Our cabinet got a make-over. I added crown molding and a little punch inside.

The bathroom will be topped off with the mirror above. It's on back-order.


Christine said...

LOVE the bathroom! It fits with the style of the rest of your home. What kind of tiles did you use?

Our Life's Design said...

Thanks, Christine! we used porcelain tiles from Home Depot. We tried to match the ones we bought for our kitchen a few years ago. Not a perfect match, but close.

carlybuddemeyer said...

my parents have leftover tiles of the tile you used in your kitchen. dang wish i knew before you did it :)

where did you find your glass planters on your entry tables? i can't find any i like for my indoor herb garden :(

Our Life's Design said...

carly- i got them at TJMAxx.