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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

{vintage signs}

I've had a thing for old signs for quite some time now, but I can never seem to find one that suits my space. Also, I can't bring myself to pay very much for one. After finding inspiration from some photos I found while looking at bathroom remodels, I decided to tackle this job myself. I went to my new favorite store (Habitat for Humanity ReStore) and spent $2.00 on an old piece of wood. Below is my inspiration and the final product.
Ahhh...looking at these spaces just makes me want to slip away to them.

Anyways, I wanted to make a sign that looked like it came from an old greenhouse or plant nursery. I liked the idea of it having something to do with Tim's planting. I asked Tim to come up with the name and he decided on "Spriessen" which is German for the word "sprout". I really enjoyed making it and I think it turned out pretty nice. So, here is the progression of my $2.00 sign...


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see it in person. you are so snazzy.