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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Tim and I have lived in our house for over four years. In that four years I have never ONCE taken a bath.
While engrossed in Jen Lancaster's Bright Lights, Big Ass I decided that the book would be even better if I was soaking in the tub with scented candles and classical music playing. It helped that at that point in the memoir Jen herself was basking in the oasis of a spa, lounging in the sauna, getting a body scrub, and sweating in the hot tub. All of that perfection led me to believe that I, too, deserved a spa treatment in my very home.

First thing - clean out the tub. Our tub is always relatively clean, but I wanted it sparkling for my first soak. Once the tub was clean I grabbed my book and some spa-like bath soaps we made off with from our swanky Chicago Hotel and started the tub. Not two minutes later I was calling Tim for help. Why, you ask? Did I need "help" taking my clothes off? NO! The stupid drain broke and my dreams of taking my very first bath in my very own home with a very good book were OVER!

After a frantic "Gosh dangit!" and "How do we fix this?" I searched the net and found our answer. From the 60+ years of hard water running over it, the drain/no drain thingy had eroded and broken in half. Just my luck.We pulled it apart and I remembered - It's Sunday and every single hardware store with 2 miles (yes, since living in the city I have noticed that my world is a two-mile radius) is CLOSED.

Conclusion...I will have to wait for another day to take my very first bath in my very own tub. Urgh.