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Saturday, July 02, 2011


In late May, Tim and I met with a fertility doctor. We didn't know what the outcome would be, we just knew we needed someone to either say "You guys are doing everything right, keep it up!" or "There is a problem, I'm here to help." Either answer would have been fine with us, we just needed confirmation. Up until that point we were taking advice from friends which mostly consisted of "Don't let it stress you out, stress is a huge factor in conception" and "You need to gain weight, you're too skinny" or "It just takes some couples longer." None of those suggestions/answers were cutting it for us.

After meeting with Dr. Starks, Tim and I immediately had a load of stress tumble off of our shoulders. The first thing he said to us was "There is a reason you haven't conceived yet, and I am here to fix it." Just hearing that made us feel so good. We weren't crazy and we weren't doing something wrong, we just needed help.

Once Dr. Starks knew my medical history and we got tested for everything possible, it was determined that I have Endometriosis. He wasn't sure how bad or to what extent, the only way to determine that was through a routine laparoscopy. During a laparoscopy they make a small incision near your belly button, and fill you up with air so that they can see everything. Once in, they assess, then clean off anything that might have cysts or scar tissue on them.

I had my laparoscopy done yesterday. Everything went very well and I am recovering nicely. I only have a small incision near my belly button and I feel like I have been doing major abdominal workouts. One uncomfortable part of recovery, though, is the air that they filled me with - some of it gets trapped inside. It has been slowly rising up and is now in my shoulders creating a really uncomfortable pain. They said to expect this to be gone in a day or two. He also said that my Endometriosis was at Stage 2, which means that I had several small cysts and some scar tissue, but isn't nearly as bad as it could be.

At this point I just keep smiling. I couldn't care less about the pain - this is our first major step towards becoming parents.

The next step? Induced menopause...WOO HOO for baby-making!!!


Christine said...

I'm glad you're getting down to the issues and figuring out what to do next. We are also going through fertility testing -- I've had bloodwork and an HSG done and Tim is getting tested.

I totally understand how it can be a relief going through this process. At least now we can find out if there's something in the way or if it'll just take more time.

Rest up and good luck. :)

gwen said...

Ah Sam, I hope that everything keeps going okay. Your optimistic outlook will go a long way. We love you guys and wish you the best!! Hope you had a good 4th and good luck!!!

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