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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{kids in town}

We have another thing to check off of our summer "to-do" list. Our niece and two nephews are growing, growing, growing and Tim and I have been wanting to get in some fun time with them before they get too old and start thinking we're obnoxious and weird (which might, actually, be an appropriate thought). They came to visit last weekend and we had a blast.

Who doesn't love a Royals game on Friday night when it just so happens to be BUCK NIGHT!?! and....wait for it...FIREWORKS!! We decked the kids out in Royals gear and headed to the game. The Royals didn't pull a win, but the fireworks made up for it. It would have been a total winner if we hadn't been to excited to go in that we didn't look to see where we parked - the five of us wondered aimlessly around the parking lot for a good half hour. Not the highlight of our night. 

Saturday morning we headed to Swope Park. Our plan was to hike for an hour, grab lunch at the Whopper Bar (classy, I know), and go to the movies. We ended up hiking for 3 hours, missing lunch, and racing to the movie. Kids can live without food, right...?

Following our full afternoon, we decided we just needed to relax. We ordered pizza and sat on the patio playing Monopoly until midnight.

Oh yeah, and I decided I wanted sons...lots of them! Andrew and Cody amazed me by putting together our table decor (I was in heaven). I hate to admit, but watching them cut flowers and arrange leaves was, BY FAR, my favorite part of the weekend! It even beat out watching Tim hang like white-Tarzan from the vines with a smile reaching from ear to ear.

Thanks Gwen and Tessa for letting us steal your kids for the weekend!!!