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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{good news}

Tim and I went in for my post-op visit. We went in expecting what we heard last time...

I would be given Lupron, a drug that would prevent any ovulation or period for three months so that my lady parts could heal and prepare themselves for a baby. The drug would essentially induce menopause and all of it's lovely effects.

Instead we heard this...

Lupron is only given to patients who are either stage three or stage four. Since I am only stage two, I don't need it. Instead, we will be going on a drug called Letrozole. This drug would induce ovulation and prevent my body from producing too much estrogen , which in turn, makes my body release and egg and also prevents the creation of endometrial tissue that could prevent the egg from finding its way down the fallopian tube. Dr Starks prescribed me 5mg of Letrozol for 5-days at the begining of my cycle. On day 15, I will go in for a sonogram to be sure that the egg has reached its way down the fallopian tube. At that point, the doctor can tell if an egg is ready to be fertilized. If it is, from what Dr. Starks implied, we will go home that evening and make a baby, guaranteed!

Long story a few weeks Tim and I will be with child (for some reason I think that phrase is funny..."with child" heh). We walked out of Dr. Stark's office like giddy kids, jumping up and down and smiling and kissing!! The high hasn't left us since. I know it might take a few cycles, but knowing that we will be parents within the next year is an amazing feeling.

I feel so blessed that we got the good news that we did! 


Christine said...

Yay for the good news! Can't wait to hear you're prego!

Gwen said...

I am so happy for you guys!

Tim and Samantha said...

Thanks Cristine! I can't wait to tell. :) How is everything go ing for you? Have you guys started any therapies?

Thanks Gwen!