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Sunday, July 31, 2011

{coffee table}

Reasons not to buy a coffee table (all from Tim, mind you):
  • Our house is gingerbread size. 
  • Mason needs room to lounge.
  • We would have to buy more stuff to put on it.
  • It's a waste of money.
  • What's the point of a coffee table, anyways?
  • I just don't want one.

Reasons to buy a coffee table (me):
  • It completes the room. Every "finished" living room has a coffee table.
  • Mason will be just fine. I will make sure he still has a path to the window to bark his head off at the mailman AND has space to lay down.
  • I can't wait to decorate it - I have stuff in the basement just waiting for its spot on a coffee table. 
  • Plus, this is the EXACT one I've been looking for. 
  • We can use it when entertaining.
  • It can double as an ottoman.
  • I just want one. BAD.

Anyone willing to guess how this turned out...?

In all fairness, Tim and I both really liked this coffee table as soon as we saw it. What Tim didn't like most about it was the price. So, I talked the manager down and got it for half what it was marked at (yay for me!!)

I really do love how the light, unfinished wood compliments the mostly heavy and dark furniture in the living room. It just pulls everything together. I am looking forward to playing a mean game of Monopoly and drinking too much wine with friends over this coffee table. I can just see it will be the centerpiece of a million more memories to come.

The base is my favorite part. Can we say, Restoration Hardware look-a-like at 10% of the price?

Mason still has all the room in the world to sprawl out, while I now have a place to set my glass of wine.

PS. Will somebody buy that chair, already?!


Christine said...

I love the round coffee table! I've been wanting a round/oval one for a while. Where did you find it?

Tim and Samantha said...

Hey! I actually found this at Gordman's. We were there to buy vanilla syrup for our lattes and came across it. They don't generally have furniture that I'm interested it, but they started carrying a line of more rustic/primitive wood and metal furniture.

I had a really hard time finding one that I liked within our budget. Most of them are fairly expensive, unless you go the "re-purpose" route. Good Luck!